ShoeStone™ is a brand new exercise tool that helps every runner get in better shape and avoid injuries.

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The Product

The Tech

The Muscles of the foot

The foot is one of the most complex parts of your body and consists of over 20 muscles. All these muscles are active when walking barefoot, but even from the addition of a regular sock they show signs of becoming less active, ceasing to work in their natural fashion. With modern running shoes, these muscles remain almost inactive or work in a unnatural way.

The tension that builds in the small muscles of the foot are transmitted throughout the runners leg and influence other muscles, and in effect impact the whole body negatively. This leads to suboptimal performance and heightened risk of injury. ShoeStone™ reactivates the small muscles of the foot and dramatically reduce these effects.


Reflexology is a form of therapy that can be traced back to Egypt as early as 2330 BC. Reflexology is based on a system of zones and areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. These areas are connected through the nervous system.

ShoeStone™ is where reflexological traditions meets cutting edge research on training. According to reflexology it is likely that stimulating different zones on the sole of the foot will positively stimulate the different functions of the body.


For better physical performance. Stimulates body functions essential to getting in better shape; Most importantly the heart and respiratory system.


For enhanced mental clarity. Stimulates sensory organs and cognitive function.


For help with pain relief. Stimulates areas vulnerable to pain; back and neck.

The Proof

ShoeStone™ is a unique product and represents a fundamental change in how we look at running. It has gone through extensive product testing and a myriad of different sizes, colors and materials were considered before deciding on the final shape and finishing of the stones. Through scientific studies ShoeStone™ has proved the following effect for the average runner:

In The Box

Wearing ShoeStone™

Place your ShoeStones™ in your running show under the inner sole using the self adhesive patches. This will ensure greater stability and that the stones will stay in place during exercise. Feel free to experiment with placing the stones in different places to find the pattern that works best for you. Included in the box are three pre-tested suggestions.

Be extra careful when using ShoeStone™ if you are suffering from chronic pain in the back or neck. For persons with these conditions, a gradual approach is advised. If pregnant, please consult your obstetrician before using ShoeStone™.

There are no indications that using ShoeStone™ with prescription drugs could be harmful. If in doubt consult your physician.